Songwriters Page

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry, but I will have to change the songwriting schedule one last time. I was at the church today running logistics, and it makes much more sense to wait until after the Upward Basketball season, which is nearly complete.

The last game will be Saturday, March 4. Therefore we can begin our first session on Sunday, March 5, without breaking down the stage.

On the positive side, I have several things in place to expedite ideas.

1. Synchronized arrangements, beat, tempo, and key from a device to our Ableton Live Recording Software in the booth (this is great for quickly recording basic musical thoughts)
2. Ability to add vocal and instrumental layers to those synchronized projects using our current setup
3. We can now communicate those recordings easily to your "Songwriting Group" in the app
4. We can also control our recordings remotely from the stage
5. We can write our lyrics and chords directly to Planning Center Services for immediate access to everyone

Again, I apologize for the late notice. This will be something to look forward to.

Have a blessed evening, everyone!

Pastor Jim